Nutritional Supplements


ABC provides a balanced mix of beneficial flora in the human gastrointestinal tract.


APHA Supports a healthy, PH value (Acidic/Alkaline), the body's chemistry manager. 


B16 is based on the work of b vitamin pioneers. B16 provides a full spectrum B vitamin complex.


BIND is a toxin eliminator. Provides toxin binding support to naturally remove toxins.


CALM is designed to help promote a feeling of calmness and relaxation during times of stress and support a positive mood.


DB12 supports the whole digestive system with enzymes and vitamins to support healthy stomach digestion and the uptake of Vitamin B12 and other nutrients. 


DREM is a comprehensive approach for healthy restful sleep. Helps to address simultaneously several neurotransmitters involved in sleep rhythms as well as relaxing herbs to calm the mind.


DV3 is a unique formula of vitamins D3, K2 and E: Beta Glucan, Turmeric, L-Carnitine, Calcium and Magnesium. DV3 also includes liver and kidney support.


MIN is a broad spectrum mineral formula that helps the body maintain its electrolytic balance and a great source of trace minerals. This plant based formula reintroduces minerals to assure maximum absorption.


MBC is a very potent, ten different species probiotic formula designed to re-colonize the Gastrointestinal system. It has 100 Billion high absorbing species to support the immune, digestion, and brain function to better absorb vitamins as well.


 ViVi contains clinical doses to fight viruses during infections and support the immune system at the same time. It has clinical shown results for fighting Herpes, EBV, Shingles, Flu, Viral Pneumonia, and common cold.


VRM1 is a herbal large parasitic fighting formula to assists and assures good health in the intestine by helping the body eliminate larger micro-organisms. 
Large organisms are often undetected and common in pet owners and gardeners. 


VRM2 is a herbal small parasitic fighting formula to assists and assures good health in the entire intestine. It works by helping the body fight smaller micro-organisms. This is also used for small tissue parasites in the "outer" tissues and blood.


VRM3 is a herbal micro parasitic fighting formula to assists and assures good health in the intestines by helping the body eliminate micro-organisms.  This helps with the body's general susceptibility to parasites or other infections to prevent future occurrences.


BACTREX provides nutritional support for the immune system by promoting healthy cellular levels in the bodies functions against bacterial infections. May be used by itself as a systemic immune-supporting agent to prevent bacterial replication.  


 FUNGDX   have shown that in  laboratory studies this product slows fungal growth.  May be used by itself as a systemic immune-supporting agent. Studies on this formula have shown a metabolic change in both the lymphatic system as well as the bloodstream.


NUTRIBIOTIC NASAL SPRAY is an excellent nasal lubricant containing grapefruit seed extract and sodium chloride in a convenient spray. This is a soothing product to either flush nasal congestion or prevent nasal infections. Individuals living with chronic sinus issues or seasonal allergies find this Nasal Spray to be very useful. 


ALOE VERA LEAF is a very strong anti-inflammatory that helps with systemic or injury inflammation. Aloe Vera also is one of the strongest properties in healing all gut issues especially for IBS .